Sunday Morning Coffee at Molly’s

So, for the past, I dunno, 6-7 years, I’ve pretty religiously gone to Molly’s for 10am Sunday coffee. Sometimes it devolves into lunacy1, most of the time it involves getting some work in and playing cribbage and/or backgammon. And if you ask the bartender nicely, they’ll let you use the cards and cribbage board they… Continue reading Sunday Morning Coffee at Molly’s

Slow Yo’ Roll

  While I’m not an overall fan of the traffic cameras, I do support them in school zones. From On March 12, officials plan to activate 11 new cameras around town, almost all of them in school zones. They will be the first new cameras in more than a year, and Landrieu’s chief administrative… Continue reading Slow Yo’ Roll

Greydon Square

I’m not sure where I tumbled across this artist today, but I’m guessing it was at r/atheism. Now, I’m no all-knowing hip-hop/rap guy, but I do know what I like. Sometimes it’s Juvenile, most often Blackalicious, MC Frontalot, or mc chris. And I’m adding Greydon Square to my list: His music hits a number of… Continue reading Greydon Square

ABBA: One of Life’s Little Indulgences

Everyone has their little indulgences, their own dirty little secrets. One of mine is an ABBA tribute album by various metal artists. And I think it’s vastly superior to the originals. Not that I’m a big ABBA fan, but when the originals come on via shuffle, all I can think about is how much better… Continue reading ABBA: One of Life’s Little Indulgences

Nothing is ever according to plan

This evening was loosely planned out. We (the collective we (when is ‘we’ not collective? I guess I meant extended.) – including Pistolette and hubby) have our old friends and progenitors of PizzaNight™ in town tomorrow, so I found myself with a free Friday night. And before she kills me with either her .50cal Desert… Continue reading Nothing is ever according to plan