A Birthday at NOLA Brewing

I got an email invite a bit ago for a very unique surprise birthday party for my friend Skip: a private tour of the NOLA Brewery. Let me tell you, if you get the chance, GO!

It was only about $15/person for all-the-NOLA-beer-you-can-drink for the 3 or so hours we were there. Plus, we got to take home our pint glasses, which the sell for $5/ea. Not a bad deal. Actually, pretty good. And fun.

Plus, it’s neat to see all the equipment and how they make the beer. Being a homebrewer, Skip looked like a kid in a candy store. Or, a me in a bar.


Malted Ass

Mechahopzilla vs. Hopzillas

Tap Handles

So Much Beer

A Lot of Empty Cans Rules

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