Well, I saw my first Buck Moth Caterpillar of the season while walking the dogs this morning. I can’t believe it’s that time already. Like years past, I’ve scheduled the exterminators to make a visit to the oak tree next door. The infestation these days is not as bad as when I was a kid,… Continue reading Patakillers

Sudoku Bastard

I like to complete newspaper Sudoku puzzles at Molly’s, and leave one square empty. I hope that someone will see it and think I messed up, then go back and check my work only to realize I left the last square intentionally blank, and curse my name. ★★★★☆, my ass. I also like to play… Continue reading Sudoku Bastard

The Viking Winter is Coming

This post started out as a paragraph on the previous post about mead, but I realized there was more to it than a paragraph or two. So, here we go. I have to say, another big reason why I’ve re-delved into mead is my wife, my best man, and his wife. See, my wife, “Bea”,… Continue reading The Viking Winter is Coming


I have the memory, hazy albeit, of sitting on the balcony of the apartment that my friends Sonny and Lara once shared in Mid-City, drinking a bottle of mead with them and Bea, brewed by my friend and future groomsman, Andre. And goddamn, was it delicious. A bit thick/heavy, spicy, sweet, and a high ABV.… Continue reading Mjød


Well, Friday was my St. Patrick’s day, so I never got around to posting. I wasn’t hungover Saturday, but just couldn’t find it in me. And  just don’t seem to have it in me today. Today for me has been (and continues to be) the Utter Backgammon Destruction of Savannah™, followed by yardwork, cleaning, tidying,… Continue reading NaBloApparentlyNot