Running Progress

Well, my new shoes feel awesome. It’s been quite cold here lately, so I’ve had to institute my weather rule more often than I’d like. The rule goes like this: If it’s colder than 40°, I’m not running. It’s pretty simple. When I was a kid, I had a pretty rough case of bronchitis, and […]

Maximum Capacity

Disclaimer: the number in this post isn’t what bothers me. I don’t want to hear bitching about numbers (mine especially or yours), unless you’re unhappy about yours and want to do something about it. I hopped on the scale recently (something I’ve never owned before, and still rarely step on), the other day, and saw […]

Where’s the Oil? Oh, There it is.

This past Friday, Bea and I packed up the 4Runner with both the dogs, a bunch of food and booze, and met up with the inlaws in Gulf Shores for a nice relaxing weekend. And for the most part, it was just that. Here’s Sunday, in photo form: When we got to the beach, Bosceaux, […]

Travel Day

I know this is another non-post, but I think I get a little slack as it was a wedding weekend, and I officiated. Today was an almost complete veg day. We watched some T2 while getting ready to check out from the hotel this morning, and managed to snag our first Mississippi geocaches on our […]

Save the Date!

The most difficult part of wedding planning has to be the guest list. Unfortunately, we can’t invite the whole world. And if you haven’t received the following in the mail yet, you probably won’t. Sorry.   We joked that we should say underneath the Sherri & Will some text like “But don’t tell Bea!“, as […]