Running Progress

Well, my new shoes feel awesome. It’s been quite cold here lately, so I’ve had to institute my weather rule more often than I’d like.

The rule goes like this: If it’s colder than 40°, I’m not running. It’s pretty simple. When I was a kid, I had a pretty rough case of bronchitis, and it seems to flare up when I exercise in the cold – hence my rule.

I did finally bring Bosceaux today with me, and he was great. Managed to find my fastest, most comfortable pace: 9:00/mile. I know I can go a bit faster – the first mile of me at my own pace the other week was 8:30 – but 9:00 is really my comfort zone, which is good to know. And today, I managed not to drop pace until about 2.25mi into the run.

Runkeeper has been helpful – every 5 minutes or so, it’ll pause my music ( currently Ricky B’s Shake it fo yo Hood and The Sword’s Age of Winters ) and a voice will tell me my average pace, total distance, total time, and then resume the music. It’s not a race, it’s just relevant, helpful data.

Morning Run

And this may just be to normal fluctuations, but I weighed in at 163.5 when I got home this morning – 4 pounds less than the last post. So, progress, it would seem.

Tomorrow brings a video-game/nerd themed hash and Friday is another run. Three days in a row, then a weekend of comic-con.

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