Thursday is the new Black

Apparently, Thursday is now the Cool Kidâ„¢ of the week these days. Currently I run a game of GammaWorld – a fun and ridiculous role playing game I’d quickly describe as sort of Mad Max meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – on alternating Thursdays. And once we wrap up this campaign – Famine in […]

Running Progress

Well, my new shoes feel awesome. It’s been quite cold here lately, so I’ve had to institute my weather rule more often than I’d like. The rule goes like this: If it’s colder than 40°, I’m not running. It’s pretty simple. When I was a kid, I had a pretty rough case of bronchitis, and […]

Maximum Capacity

Disclaimer: the number in this post isn’t what bothers me. I don’t want to hear bitching about numbers (mine especially or yours), unless you’re unhappy about yours and want to do something about it. I hopped on the scale recently (something I’ve never owned before, and still rarely step on), the other day, and saw […]

I Promised to Stay. I Went Far Away

After the flurry of NaBloPoMo posts, I really needed a break. But soon after that came my return to the VooDoo, the return of the Saints (WHO DAT!), and a big rush job for myself and Bea, with a deadline of just before the 5th anniversary of Katrina. So, overall, haven’t been feeling overly post-y. […]

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I’ve had a lingering tiredness lately, and I think I can pin it down to more or less two reasons: 1) I’ve been exceedingly busy. This too will pass. 2) I’m not exercising enough. I used to bike commute daily, and run every Thursday night. Hell, I used to bike everywhere. But now, I almost […]

Spooks, Spirits, and Saints

I’m getting old. Well, not old in the numbers sense as I just passed the 29½ mark, but more in the “I’d rather stay in” sense. And I must admit, it’s not a bad thing. For me, Halloween started on Thursday, with a VooDoo hash where I ended up running circle in a cemetery and […]

Slurvivor Week

*phew* Red Dress week is over! It’s been a long week, and as much fun as it’s been, I’m glad it’s over. For me, it started on Thursday. The VooDoo hosted a Red Dress Run, hared/led by myself and Fill Me Up (fellow VooDooer) through the Marigny. It was really more of a crawl, but […]

Hasher’s Knee

Well, I think the trail I laid was pretty good, and got a lot of good feedback from it. If you want to read my write-up, you can at The first hash I hared was a while ago with a friend of mine, and was a sheer and utter disaster for various reasons and […]

Ruuunn for your liiiiiiife!

Ok chickens, I’m haring tonight’s VooDoo Hash. It’s in the Marigny – at Elysian Fields and Decatur. What? Hashers? What’s the deal? I hear you say. Familiar with the Red Dress Run? That’s us on a weekly basis (sans red dresses). We’re a drinking club with a running problem, and if you ‘re interested in […]