Spooks, Spirits, and Saints

I’m getting old. Well, not old in the numbers sense as I just passed the 29½ mark, but more in the “I’d rather stay in” sense. And I must admit, it’s not a bad thing.

For me, Halloween started on Thursday, with a VooDoo hash where I ended up running circle in a cemetery and talking with a newly-returned-home-Jason. I wish I could have run trail, but it wasn’t too likely due to the recent perpetration of hate upon my “bad” knee:

Saints Beat Dolphins!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just can’t have nice things. This happened after the Saints victory over the Dolphins the other week – I guess that since they’re doing so well, I have to compensate by hurting myself.

I fear to think of what might happen towards the end of the season and beyond.

Anyways, Halloween started out pretty awesome: a nice two hour, 2 bottle of wine lunch at the Bistro with Bea and my folks, which turned into an extra beer or two with them at Molly’s.

We got some downtime (not saying that the morning at that point was particularly tedious), and Bea whipped up her costume, while I shaved mine:

Earl and a Nymph
No, MY name is Earl!

That first photo isn’t the best of me – even considering just how overwhelmingly handsome and über photogenic I naturally am – the photographer is all of 5 foot negative 3. Always take pics from above (when you can). For my costume, I went with the path of least resistance – Earl of My Name is Earl. Bea’s costume was whipped together in about an hour – vines from the backyard, a top I bought at a thrift store for me for a drag queen hash the other week, and my sister’s old debutant dress. We rock.

We headed back over to Molly’s to meet up with hashers and “regular friends” alike for the parade, and opted to just hang out there for the duration of the parade – just take it easy. Next thing we know, the parade is back, and we’re wandering around with friends. We walked down Frenchmen St. and next thing we knew, it was 11:30 and we were at home, calling it a night.

I know, exciting.

The real drag here is that I picked up some bug, and by Sunday afternoon when I had to hare the Black Dress Run, I wasn’t feeling so hot, and five days later, I still don’t. Witness last night’s Guy Fawkes Hash:

I don't feel so good.

So, to those of you who came in town this weekend, I’m sorry and I suck.


  1. I flipped a switch at 31 and went from clubbing girl to mommy mode almost overnight. It happens. Though somewhat abruptly with me :P

    So who is that white trash bum in the pic with the hot vined vixen? ;)

  2. If I should ever take pics from above, you’ll probably find the thinning hair look unflattering. However, if you insist…I’ll be on a lookout for stilts. You could always crop yourself out and single out Beautiful Bea.

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