Thursday is the new Black

Apparently, Thursday is now the Cool Kidâ„¢ of the week these days. Currently I run a game of GammaWorld – a fun and ridiculous role playing game I’d quickly describe as sort of Mad Max meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – on alternating Thursdays. And once we wrap up this campaign – Famine in […]

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I’ve had a lingering tiredness lately, and I think I can pin it down to more or less two reasons: 1) I’ve been exceedingly busy. This too will pass. 2) I’m not exercising enough. I used to bike commute daily, and run every Thursday night. Hell, I used to bike everywhere. But now, I almost […]

Done is the Engine of More.

A while ago, I was introduced to the Cult of Done. For me, it is quite simple, quite obvious, and I identify with it on a number of levels. In the spirit of the manifesto set forth and in combination with a generally needed re-ordering of my day-to-day schedule and goals, I’ve figured out a […]