Spineless Bastard

So Blacktooth, my little 2’10″/32lb 10th level Murder Goblin™ in my main D&D (ok, ok, fine, Pathfinder. Whatever.) game isn’t super combat-oriented. He’s the thief, so his base Stealth is a 32 and his base Disable Device is a 25 (extra mod?). Yeah. But, he does have a pretty good initiative bonus (+12) and a […]

We Be Goblins (Too)!

This past Saturday was Free RPG Day and I headed over to +1 Gaming, my Friendly Local Gaming Store, to pick up some free shit and to buy some new dice for a friend in one of my games. I made sure that I’d be there soon after opening to get a module by Paizo […]

Goblins? In my Necropolis? It’s more likely than you think.

Today was every other Tuesday, so you know what that means: D&D! We we on a skeleton krewe today – just Paul as the DM, Chris/Grak, Allen/Marduk, and me/Oran. We had to supplement our group with Clarence, our NPC (Non-Playable Character) friend. Despite missing two of our company, we decided to do a dungeon crawl […]

We all float down here

Tonight was the Tuesday out of “every other Tuesday” for D&D night, and before I continue I just want to again stress how much fun I am not only having by playing the game, but at making fun of myself for it as well. Last night took us into the sewers to find a significant […]

I’ve Created a Monster

Well, I haven’t created so much of a monster, as I have a 1st level Brawny Rogue. Last night was the first time I’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons, and as we wrapped up to head to our respective homes, I found myself wishing that I’d done this years decades ago. Basically, I blame Whil […]