Goblins? In my Necropolis? It’s more likely than you think.

Today was every other Tuesday, so you know what that means: D&D!

We we on a skeleton krewe today – just Paul as the DM, Chris/Grak, Allen/Marduk, and me/Oran. We had to supplement our group with Clarence, our NPC (Non-Playable Character) friend. Despite missing two of our company, we decided to do a dungeon crawl anyways.

We almost got our asses handed to us, but ended up prevailing so far – and this dungeon looks huge. We’ll probably play the same dungeon for a few sessions. In addition to the gold and XP we gained, Allen/Marduk ended up with a goblin hand for souvenir and I got the cloak of Balgrond (sp?) The Fat, chieftain of the dungeon.

Allen and I are definitely getting better at combat and keeping things flowing.

Here’s the map of the city, I unfortunately didn’t get a shot of the total clusterfuck of a room where each one of us had goblins on at least 2 sides of them, some of us 3 or 4 at a given time.

City Map

It also looks like we’ll be back at my house next session, which I’m happy about. Nothing like having people over to get you to clean, amiright? We currently have 4 guys who live in a few block radius of each other on Algiers Point, but it seems that everyone can make it to my house from work much quicker, so we get started sooner. I also have two full-size tables we can join, so the space fits the group a bit better.

And since it looks like we’ll be adding a much needed cleric to the group, we’ll need the extra space…


  1. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but this is what I was telling Bea about after the derby bout.

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