and it’s you

The passage of time is a funny thing – the only thing constant about the perception of its rate of passage seems to be that it is wildly variable. It was five years ago today that I had what I still see as one of the very best days of my life – my wedding. […]

The Splitting of “We” to “You” and “Me”

Dear friends, family, acquaintances, frenemies, and arch-nemeses, It’s with a heavy heart that I bear bad news, but Bea and I are parting ways. It’s not a decision or situation that’s been taken lightly. We both share a deep fondness for a past version of us and our relationship, and will always cherish those memories […]

Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down

I’m not one who is usually one for giving cards, much less getting them – thank yous, birthdays, etc. I got one from Bea the other day, attached to a thin gift wrapped in brown paper. The outside of the card is your average run-of-the-mill thank you card (thankfully glitter-free), but it’s the inside of […]

The gayest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth

This past Friday, Bea and I laced up our skates and headed over to Airline Skate Center, for her Dad’s birthday party. I haven’t laced up my skates since the last roller derby bout I reffed since I retired (they were in a bind, so I helped on one bout), which was in late May […]