The gayest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth

This past Friday, Bea and I laced up our skates and headed over to Airline Skate Center, for her Dad’s birthday party.

I haven’t laced up my skates since the last roller derby bout I reffed since I retired (they were in a bind, so I helped on one bout), which was in late May or early June last year. My legs felt good (both while skating and I had zero soreness the next day), and I only fell once, due to just not skating in a long time.

To digress a bit further, Bea practically grew up in a skating rink. Her folks skated a whole lot (I think that’s how they met), and while her mom no longer skates, her dad certainly does. His daughter from his second marriage, now 4, is a natural. I guess it’s in the blood. Now let’s see if her little half-sister will grow up to be a rollergirl, just like sister.

So, the birthday party was at the skating ring, and it was fun. I’m not even going to touch on the odd cross-section of people who hang out at a skating rink on a Friday night, but will instead address the title of this post. Bea baked her dad a cake, and it was light, fluffy, and delicious. And gay. Very, very gay. Behold:

The gayest thing I've ever put in my mouth

I feel that unicorn candles or something would have been a perfect touch. And while unicorns are pretty cool, I think we can all agree that polycorns are far, far superior.

So there you go. That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever consumed, and it was scrumptious.


  1. Off-topic, is Bea still learning the piano? If so, or if not, she gets free lessons from me if she would like. At the very least, it’s a helpful kick in the pants to have to report to someone weekly or bi-weekly.

    I offer because I like your little fambly, and I want to encourage people to learn piano in general. xoxo, T.

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