Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down

I’m not one who is usually one for giving cards, much less getting them – thank yous, birthdays, etc.

I got one from Bea the other day, attached to a thin gift wrapped in brown paper. The outside of the card is your average run-of-the-mill thank you card (thankfully glitter-free), but it’s the inside of the card that made me laugh:

Thank You Card [redacted]

The gift was a pack of targets for the shootin’ range. Got a good laugh out of me, and I’m looking forward to going shooting again, it’s been a while.

And out of respect to Pistolette who screens not only her name, but her husband’s and children’s names too, I removed the reference to her daughter at the bottom of the card. What I can’t include unfortunately is the sound of Bea imitating Pistolette’s daughter when she said “You know, like Beeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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  1. Funny, my dad just called me and said to heal up so we could go gunslinging again. I do need to get my shooting stance back first though ;)


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