The Viking Winter is Coming

This post started out as a paragraph on the previous post about mead, but I realized there was more to it than a paragraph or two. So, here we go. I have to say, another big reason why I’ve re-delved into mead is my wife, my best man, and his wife. See, my wife, “Bea”,… Continue reading The Viking Winter is Coming


Do I enjoy writing (if you call this “writing”)? Kinda. Am I good at it? Not really. Is it horrible? See above answer. So, like most things productive, I’m usually inspired/quasi-driven by my good (and amazing!) friend Pistolette. I know I did this came “challenge” last year – successfully, I believe. Again, that was not… Continue reading NaBloPoMaybe

Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down

I’m not one who is usually one for giving cards, much less getting them – thank yous, birthdays, etc. I got one from Bea the other day, attached to a thin gift wrapped in brown paper. The outside of the card is your average run-of-the-mill thank you card (thankfully glitter-free), but it’s the inside of… Continue reading Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down