Rise of the Machines

Nevermore – Sentient 6: Demons & Wizards – Terror Train: Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) – Computer God: Megadeth – Psychotron: Dethklok – The Cyborg Slayers: Sepultura – Biotech is Godzilla:

ABBA: One of Life’s Little Indulgences

Everyone has their little indulgences, their own dirty little secrets. One of mine is an ABBA tribute album by various metal artists. And I think it’s vastly superior to the originals. Not that I’m a big ABBA fan, but when the originals come on via shuffle, all I can think about is how much better […]

I Promised to Stay. I Went Far Away

After the flurry of NaBloPoMo posts, I really needed a break. But soon after that came my return to the VooDoo, the return of the Saints (WHO DAT!), and a big rush job for myself and Bea, with a deadline of just before the 5th anniversary of Katrina. So, overall, haven’t been feeling overly post-y. […]

Not Just Whistlin’ in Dixie

Slowly, Bea is coming over to the dark side. She likes Slayer, and thanks to Guitar Hero 2, the song Thunderhorse by Dethklok (you know, the fake cartoon death metal band that actually puts out really good metal). While in the shower, I heard her whistling what I first thought was a track by Opeth. […]