Not Just Whistlin’ in Dixie

Slowly, Bea is coming over to the dark side. She likes Slayer, and thanks to Guitar Hero 2, the song Thunderhorse by Dethklok (you know, the fake cartoon death metal band that actually puts out really good metal).

While in the shower, I heard her whistling what I first thought was a track by Opeth. I pretty much wrote it off as her trying to whistle the theme song to Eureka (which we had just watched an episode of) and getting it wrong, when I realized she WAS whistling Opeth’s The Grand Conjuration! \m/

The album version of the song is actually twice as long as the radio edit they used for the video. Metal.
And yes, I know the phrase from the title is actually “Whistlin’ Dixie”, but the title is the name of the whistling album that my friend Savannah and I want to create. Good old drunken Sunday mornings at Molly’s.

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