Going Backwards to Move Forward

Who’s got two thumbs and can indicate that their motor vehicle is moving in reverse and is therefore eligible to acquire a tag that indicates that said motor vehicle abides by a baseline safety standard? This guy. The other week I got a ticket for making a proper stop at a stop sign. You know […]

Several Levels of Failure

I know several things went well today, I’m just going to harp on what went wrong: Truck needs an oil change/transmission fluid/pretty much every fluid change. One of the big 5-drawer tool chests is pretty banged up. Waiting ’till above is done to return. Hopefully tomorrow. 4 trips to Lowe’s today, got almost all I […]

Naughty, Dirty Sparkplugs!

Today I got to spend some time with my friend Jason as he helped me (read: I helped him) do some maintenance on my 1994 Ford F-150, “Shelley“. I picked up an air filter and some new spark plugs and headed to his house this afternoon. We barely had time to pop open the hood […]