In the Game of Cakes, You Bake or you Die

Last night, Bea was baking what I’m sure will promise to be a wonderfully delicious chocolate Guinness cake. I was ready to go to sleep, but it still needed some somewhat-time-sensitive tending to. So, she said “If you don’t mind I’m going to catch up on watching Game of Thrones while waiting for the cake.” […]

The Viking Winter is Coming

This post started out as a paragraph on the previous post about mead, but I realized there was more to it than a paragraph or two. So, here we go. I have to say, another big reason why I’ve re-delved into mead is my wife, my best man, and his wife. See, my wife, “Bea”, […]

Brace Yourselves. Mardi Gras is coming.

Thank you, Imminent Ned. I made the above image the other morning after seeing something similar on r/NewOrleans. Yes, Mardi Gras approaches (Holy Crap, Krewe du Vieux is Saturday!), and I’ve been immersing myself in Game of Thrones and work. And mead. I’ve almost finished book five of GoT, and I’ll never finish the mead […]