This is L.A., Not LA (Part 1)

This past (extended) weekend, Bea and I along with Allen and Em headed to Los Angeles for our friend Melinda’s wedding. While I was looking forward to a little vacation and seeing Melinda, I honestly wasn’t super excited to visit L.A. I was told that I most likely wouldn’t like it. If you’ve met me, […]


Right about this time 2 years ago, I did a very smart thing. Bea and I are currently celebrating in our own unique ways. This post has been pre-written and set up to auto-post at this time, as I am currently hosting a D&D game at my house, and Bea is at roller-derby practice as […]

You Can’t Escape Family

Tonight, I got to exercise my Reverendship status by performing the marriage of two friends. Everything went pretty well, and a good time was had by all. One thing was really reinforced though: I can’t go anywhere without knowing people. The groom’s grandfather grew up with my grandfather, and the groom’s cousins are my sister’s […]

Save the Date!

The most difficult part of wedding planning has to be the guest list. Unfortunately, we can’t invite the whole world. And if you haven’t received the following in the mail yet, you probably won’t. Sorry.   We joked that we should say underneath the Sherri & Will some text like “But don’t tell Bea!“, as […]