And there was much Rambling

Despite a run-in or two with the Po-Po which basically amounted to them telling us to get out of the way, Mardi Gras this year with my krewe – the St. Anthony Ramblers – was pretty smooth and a lot of fun. As usual the Panorama Brass Band was great, and everyone seemed to have […]

Brace Yourselves. Mardi Gras is coming.

Thank you, Imminent Ned. I made the above image the other morning after seeing something similar on r/NewOrleans. Yes, Mardi Gras approaches (Holy Crap, Krewe du Vieux is Saturday!), and I’ve been immersing myself in Game of Thrones and work. And mead. I’ve almost finished book five of GoT, and I’ll never finish the mead […]

Ramble On

The 2010 March of the St. Anthony Ramblers Drinks and breakfast at 9, march at 10. We are again fortunate to have Panorama Brass Band tour with us throughout the day, and in order to cover the cost of these minstrels and the early morning feast, we ask for a $25 contribution – a paltry […]