Ubuntu Edge – The Next “Desktop”?

I just read about Ubuntu Edge and have to say, I’m impressed. The idea that a smartphone would be your next computer isn’t a giant leap – for many tablets have already replaced desktops/laptops for many – but I really like what they’ve put together. This video explains it well and is well worth a […]

One does not simply SSH into Mordor

Today has been apeshit crazy, and it’s only noon. Besides the usual tidying/dog walking/plant watering I tend to do in the morning before work, I had to rush out some code for a project and get a braketag. Except, it never seems to be that easy. I’ve been having issues with my reverse lights lately. […]

Downtime and EXT3 undelete

The other day, the server I share with the other bicycle/computer nerd Will (yes, there are two of us) went down. I called my friend Paul who basically runs the datacenter the box lives in to give him a heads up I’d be heading over. Paul was already having a rough work day, but still […]