One does not simply SSH into Mordor

Today has been apeshit crazy, and it’s only noon. Besides the usual tidying/dog walking/plant watering I tend to do in the morning before work, I had to rush out some code for a project and get a braketag.

Except, it never seems to be that easy. I’ve been having issues with my reverse lights lately. It seems they work fine right between when the car starts and before you put it into drive. Luckily at the brake tag station, reverse lights were tested before I had to move the car.

I also have a headlight with water in it, and it isn’t secured to the frame very well. It won’t fall out or anything, but it’s loose. The brake tag guy said that he couldn’t give me a tag for that, but if I went home, drilled some small holes so the headlight would drain now and in the future, and made an effort to secure the headlight, all would be good. I drilled the holes, and showed that I had run the suggested bead of caulk (which I don’t thing will work long term, but that’s what he suggested), and drove over. When the tag hit the window I got the hell out, and met up with Amy Jett so she could take the truck for the weekend to move.

Also, I made this for you Linux users and fans of The Lord of the Rings. It’s not hard to imagine the Venn diagram for that – just draw a circle.

One does not simply shell into Mordor

I’m sure this isn’t an original idea, the “One does not simply _____ into Mordor” being an established meme and all, but I have yet to see an SSH implementation – of course I haven’t looked either.


  1. and finally?

    You should go ahead and do telnet and ftp as well. If you are feeling motivated, a ehlo & helo as well.

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