Ubuntu Edge – The Next “Desktop”?

I just read about Ubuntu Edge and have to say, I’m impressed. The idea that a smartphone would be your next computer isn’t a giant leap – for many tablets have already replaced desktops/laptops for many – but I really like what they’ve put together. This video explains it well and is well worth a watch:

I have a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone at home, and a desktop and VoIP phone at work. The idea that I could more or less replace all of that with a single device and two small docking stations is really neat to me. I use DropBox a ton for selective file syncing, and I’m sure I’d still leave a large amount of data on my fileserver at home (my music and video directories add up to ~470GB), but with 128GB of storage in this device, it’d cover almost all of my needs.

I use Ubuntu a lot, so that’s not an issue for me – and honestly I think many would embrace it easily. Also the fact that it handles Android apps is not only a no-brainer – Android is Linux –  I think it would accelerate adoption.

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