Ramble On

The 2010 March of the St. Anthony Ramblers

Drinks and breakfast at 9, march at 10. We are again fortunate to have Panorama Brass Band tour with us throughout the day, and in order to cover the cost of these minstrels and the early morning feast, we ask for a $25 contribution – a paltry sum for such wonderful entertainment.

Hope to see you reveling in the streets tomorrow at one point or another. Below is the invite / route, and we’ll be stopping at the following bars, in order: R-Bar, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, Jackson Square, Harry’s Corner, Molly’s at the Market, and the Spotted Cat.

Each year, we seem to grow, both in numbers and in fun – so if you and yours are looking for Mardi Gras Day plans, please come join us and ramble!

2010 Ramblers

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