And there was much Rambling

Despite a run-in or two with the Po-Po which basically amounted to them telling us to get out of the way, Mardi Gras this year with my krewe – the St. Anthony Ramblers – was pretty smooth and a lot of fun. As usual the Panorama Brass Band was great, and everyone seemed to have a good time. My, how has our little Krewe grown.

I managed to get a few photos and some video:


Abitas: Andygator (Aimee), Wheat (Em), Red Ale (Wheel as Che Guevara – get it?), Light (Paul), Turbodog (Panda), Restoration Ale (Allen), Purple Haze (Bea). Bonus: Alice and Misty!


Balcony Wedding
Barnaby performing a wedding on the balcony at the R-Bar on Mardi Gras Day.


St. Anthony at the R-Bar
The St. Anthony Ramblers, with our band, Panorama Brass, at our first stop – the R-Bar.


Sorry for the jumpiness and audio quality – it’s hard to dance with a beer, cellphone, and carry the krewe’s banner at the same time! (If you don’t see the video, either go to this post or watch it on YouTube)


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