Naughty, Dirty Sparkplugs!

Today I got to spend some time with my friend Jason as he helped me (read: I helped him) do some maintenance on my 1994 Ford F-150, “Shelley“.

I picked up an air filter and some new spark plugs and headed to his house this afternoon. We barely had time to pop open the hood before we ran into one of our famous New Orleans downpours. Just before that happened though I had time to open up the air filter casing, and found that to my surprise, there was no air filter.

What. The. Fuck.

So, after the downpour, we had a nice window of time, and we were able to change out all six spark plugs without incident. The spark plugs were pretty nasty, but I suppose it says a lot about big dumb older trucks that they run that long on dirty air.

Spark Plug


  1. How’d she run on the drive home with the new plugs?

    Too bad we didn’t get any pics of all the crap we flushed out of the cooling system. It looked like someone mistook a mound of Georgia clay for antifreeze.

    1. Ran pretty good. 5th on I-10 was about the same though.

      I think the planned oil change, new transmission fluid, and that fuel system cleaner that will go in in the next few days will go a long way too.

      Also have a leaky tire that needs a plug.

      Thanks again for the help.

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