I Promised to Stay. I Went Far Away

After the flurry of NaBloPoMo posts, I really needed a break. But soon after that came my return to the VooDoo, the return of the Saints (WHO DAT!), and a big rush job for myself and Bea, with a deadline of just before the 5th anniversary of Katrina.

So, overall, haven’t been feeling overly post-y. And tonight is no exception, but I actually have some content to write up tomorrow, and I will.

But before then, I have a correction on my last post. While the underlying riff may be similar-ish, I (and Bea) had the wrong song, which we discovered when Bea went back and checked every Opeth track. The track she was whistling was “Porcelain Heart“, but perhaps more specifically a more subdued version called “Mellotron Heart” – Not quite as heavy/metal as ‘Porcelain‘ or The Grand Conjuration, but excellent track(s) still. You can enjoy good quality versions of them here, if you so desire. More on the album via Amazon.

Unfortunately (for me), Mr. Åkerfeldt doesn’t get to do the switch from Cookie Monster to clean style vocals that he does so well, but I feel it’s a haunting song, and I think the video does it justice. And similar to The Grand Conjuration, the video is a full 3 minutes shorter than the song. Both are really worth giving a listen – they’re quite different from the last post, if you couldn’t quite stomach it.

Porcelain Heart:

Mellotron Heart:

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