The Splitting of “We” to “You” and “Me”

Dear friends, family, acquaintances, frenemies, and arch-nemeses,

It’s with a heavy heart that I bear bad news, but Bea and I are parting ways. It’s not a decision or situation that’s been taken lightly. We both share a deep fondness for a past version of us and our relationship, and will always cherish those memories – many of which we share with you. Time and situations can change people, and sometimes those changes may strengthen individuals but weaken the couple. We hope you understand that this is a difficult time, but know that we’re optimistic that we come out of this as good friends. We don’t hold ill will towards each other, and hope that you do the same. We’ll never forget the good times, but look forward to moving past the turmoil and uncovering the new good times to come.

We’re also sorry to not have been able to tell you in a more personal way – it seems to have become more difficult or time consuming these days. But we’d still rather than you hear it from us than from the grapevine.

– w


  1. sadness. much love to you both. don’t hesitate to reach out should you need an ear or someone to have a pint with…

  2. Ugh. What a tough conclusion to reach. The love and beauty of your partnership is not negated or erased by its current dissolution. Energy is neither created or destroyed–it will be redirected onto new paths that have been opened up by this change. You are individually stellar humans and I’m proud to share my ecosystem with you. xoxoxo

  3. Your attitude and perspective is admirable, and I hope this transition is as easy on the both of you as humanly possible.

    Good luck on the next leg of your journey.

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