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Tonight was the Tuesday out of “every other Tuesday” for D&D night, and before I continue I just want to again stress how much fun I am not only having by playing the game, but at making fun of myself for it as well.

Last night took us into the sewers to find a significant amount of loot hidden by a friend (a bugbear named Clarence) – loot needed to clear a debt with one bad mother(shut your mouth!). So far, our adventures have been above-ground and concentrating on finding Clarence.

Considering this was my first real dungeon, I was pretty excited. Our actual combat went a lot smoother than the previous session. Being new to the game, we took too much time the other week not only deciding tactics but deciding what attack to use, etc. Where we only had time for one combat sequence the other week, we did 3 this week. We’re quickly improving, but there is still plenty of room to get better.

Despite the swarms of ROUSes (Rodents Of Unusual Size), we had a lot of fun in the sewer and almost got our asses handed to us in a room by 4 zombified Royal Guards and 6 kobolds (those little knee-stabbing bastards). It would have been just the 4 guards, but Will had to get all Indiana Jones on a jewelly statue type thing in a nearby room, lowering a wall and letting in the 6 kobolds with crossbows. Will’s character isn’t so much stupid as mischievous, and I welcome it. That ass-whoopin’ hurt, but we made it and really enjoying the encounter despite our seeming inability to hit out target most of the time. Plus, most of us got enough XP to level up! Time to rework my character sheet.

I think I’m getting a much better handle of the game already, and can’t thank Paul enough for being patient and running this game for us.

And at least there weren’t any grues in the sewer – I had my lantern lit the whole time so we’d have been fine anyways. Getting eaten by a grue would definitely not been awesome.

MC Frontalot – It Is Pitch Dark:

Kudos to you who got the Stephen King’s IT reference in the title.

Lastly, I know this is technically going up on Wednesday the 7th, but I was obviously busy all night and my crap-ass web host was down when I got home. I can backdate posts, so I’m going to. That is all.

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