Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I’ve had a lingering tiredness lately, and I think I can pin it down to more or less two reasons:

1) I’ve been exceedingly busy. This too will pass.

2) I’m not exercising enough. I used to bike commute daily, and run every Thursday night. Hell, I used to bike everywhere. But now, I almost entirely work from home, and when I tend to go to the office, I drive. I also haven’t been to the hash, so that scraps my Thursday run. And unless there’s beer and a social and puzzle aspect to running, I don’t like it.

3) High fructose corn syrup. What can I say? A brother likes his Coke. I also happen to love the taste of that Full Throttle energy drink. They may help a bit, but the “crash” is really not worth it. I just need to scrap the syrup and revert to water again. And it being summer, drinking more than, if not at least, the proper amount of water is nothing but a good thing.

This of course reminds me of two germane videos, each worth watching (in my opinion):

Your body needs water, so drink that shit
You’ll feel like a fighter jet made out of biceps

So, if you see me with a Coke or other non-alcoholic, non-boozy drink in my hands, tell me to get a water. Seriously.

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