Where’s the Oil? Oh, There it is.

This past Friday, Bea and I packed up the 4Runner with both the dogs, a bunch of food and booze, and met up with the inlaws in Gulf Shores for a nice relaxing weekend.

And for the most part, it was just that. Here’s Sunday, in photo form:

When we got to the beach, Bosceaux, well, I don’t know what the hell he thought was going on but he barked at the waves while Indy stayed well away from them:

Boz Barking at the Gulf Bosceaux pet dog

Eventually he got over it, and actually got in, a bit:

Boz in the Gulf

But then, we found oil. This is one of the bigger pieces I found, and these tarballs were all over the place:

Found the Oil

We found other traces of petroleum byproducts quite easily too:

Other Petroleum Byproducts Found

This only reminded me to keep Boz from drinking the water:

Don't Drink That!

There were a decent amount of people out. All I know is that if those were my kids, they wouldn’t be in the water.

Platforms and barges decorated the horizon:

One Rig per Umbrella
A Great View

On the way back, Indy wasn’t walking on his right front paw and Bea decided to carry him. I decided to check his paw, and removed the burr:

Who Obeys Who

Overall though, the weather was beautiful:

A Match

Not all the local wildlife was dead though – this crab had a lot of fight in him:

My Name is Inigo Montoya

A couple of miles on the beach is a bit of a workout though. Always remember: a tired dog is a good dog:

Wiped Out


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