Travel Day

I know this is another non-post, but I think I get a little slack as it was a wedding weekend, and I officiated.

Today was an almost complete veg day. We watched some T2 while getting ready to check out from the hotel this morning, and managed to snag our first Mississippi geocaches on our way back home. I even managed to update the map on my Geocaching profile. Nerd.

From there, it was all about the TV. Watched the new Eureka (yay!) and a handful of Stargate episodes – both SG-1 and Atlantis.

While being worthless on the couch though, I was able to snag this photo of Bosceaux:


I think that a funny photo of your dog with just the slightest bit of his tongue sticking out totally makes up for this non-post. Zombie dog to the rescue!

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  1. That is the best dog ever. He looks like he just cleaned the whole house, did the laundry, and made dinner and now he’s passing out.

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