Well, Friday was my St. Patrick’s day, so I never got around to posting. I wasn’t hungover Saturday, but just couldn’t find it in me. And  just don’t seem to have it in me today. Today for me has been (and continues to be) the Utter Backgammon Destruction of Savannah™, followed by yardwork, cleaning, tidying,… Continue reading NaBloApparentlyNot

Sunday Morning Coffee at Molly’s

So, for the past, I dunno, 6-7 years, I’ve pretty religiously gone to Molly’s for 10am Sunday coffee. Sometimes it devolves into lunacy1, most of the time it involves getting some work in and playing cribbage and/or backgammon. And if you ask the bartender nicely, they’ll let you use the cards and cribbage board they… Continue reading Sunday Morning Coffee at Molly’s