One does not simply SSH into Mordor

Today has been apeshit crazy, and it’s only noon. Besides the usual tidying/dog walking/plant watering I tend to do in the morning before work, I had to rush out some code for a project and get a braketag. Except, it never seems to be that easy. I’ve been having issues with my reverse lights lately.… Continue reading One does not simply SSH into Mordor

I Shutter at the Thought

So. Excited. When we bought the house, there were two missing elements of what most would consider to be the “classic New Orleans style” that I really wanted: cast iron vents on the underside of the roof/balcony, and louvered shutters. We installed three vents in the front to give the front attic airflow a while… Continue reading I Shutter at the Thought

5 7 5

Long day, I’m tired. I don’t want to be conscious any more today. I’m going to say this counts, as I just wrote you a haiku. Goodnight.

We all float down here

Tonight was the Tuesday out of “every other Tuesday” for D&D night, and before I continue I just want to again stress how much fun I am not only having by playing the game, but at making fun of myself for it as well. Last night took us into the sewers to find a significant… Continue reading We all float down here

July 4

Happy 4th of July, y’all! Today we lived “American style”. What exactly is that? I’m not really sure, but here’s been our day today: Sleep in Beers at noon Napping the afternoon away, with the Superbowl on the TV in the background Hot dogs from a fast food chain Watching fireworks from our balcony  … Continue reading July 4

Dog Fighting

Bad luck wind been blowin’ on my back I was born to bring trouble wherever I’m at – Danzig, 13 Some days, you look for a fight. Other days, fights look for you. I took Indy and Bosceaux to the new dog park in City Park today. To make a short story shorter, Indy decided… Continue reading Dog Fighting

A Healthy Dose of #003300

Or: Going Green. Ish. I’m what you could call a quasi-environmentalist. I do care about the environment, but in all honesty, I’m only going to take it so far. Reducing your ecological footprint might be great, but reducing your spending footprint is too. I do think that it should be easier to live cleaner –… Continue reading A Healthy Dose of #003300