I Shutter at the Thought

So. Excited.

When we bought the house, there were two missing elements of what most would consider to be the “classic New Orleans style” that I really wanted: cast iron vents on the underside of the roof/balcony, and louvered shutters. We installed three vents in the front to give the front attic airflow a while ago, and I’ll hopefully be installing a pair in the back next week. Today, the bottom two sets of the shutters are being fit, having the hinges installed, and will head off to be primed and painted “shutter green”. The three pairs upstairs are a day behind.


These suckers will not only cut out a lot of the harsh afternoon sun/heat and save us electricity, but add tremendously to the value of our house and its “curbside appeal”. At the end of the day though, I care more about the aesthetic and how happy it’ll make me feel to just look at them.

And for what they’re costing, they better make me happy. Just kidding.


  1. DAY-um, Will! Doze tings be gawjuss! I’m gonna miss seeing you with both an arm and a leg, but sometimes the price is worth it. Now seal them up quickly before the bloom is off the rosewood shutters.

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