(Clean a) Thing a Day

Having a one full-time job, a second almost full-time job, two dogs, and a wife with a full-time job and rollerderby (which, believe-you-me, takes up a LOT of time), it’s easy to let our ~2,800 sq. ft. house get into disarray. Really easy.

Luckily, I have guys over every other Tuesday for D&D, so it forces at least a first-floor tidy-up. And for a while there, we were hosting PizzaNight™ pretty regularly, so that was a good kick in the cleaning ass.

But still, it’s a lot to deal with. And while I’m not the most neat/clean/organized person in the planet, I’m not bad. But those dogs. Sweet Odin’s eyepatch, do those dogs shed. The drug companies who research baldness need to look into how canines and felines can lose SO MUCH HAIR, and still have so much left.

I talked with Pistolette a bit about this last night at her house – as I was helping her and hubby clean for our incoming friends. No, don’t think less of her – I’m a cleaner, I offered to help. She’s an organizer. While similar, they’re still quite different. Since 2012 seems to be her year of month-long challenges, the method I’ve started using may be her next.

I ran across an article a while ago from apartment therapy on how to clean your house in 20 minutes a day for 30 days. I modified it to help what I thought was better for my situation – especially considering the back room is ~500 sq. ft. alone – and initially did okay with it. But, I think it’s a decent system, but geared towards a much smaller and manageable living space. I just need to find a better way for me to keep up on it. I like the idea of small-increments cleaning – nothing is out of hand, but it doesn’t feel like you’re committing big chunks of time to it. You could measure out the work using one of a handful of ~20 minute Pink Floyd / Ruch / Venom / Melvins / etc. songs.

Today would have been ‘surface clean “extra” rooms’, but after my cribbage-less (sad panda) morning coffee, I found that there was more to do. So, I did it. Or at least a good bit of it. I took advantage of the weather and raked up the leaves in the back, trimmed some plants, and did some light weeding. I did laundry and some dishes. I tidied and put things away.

While I can’t really point to anything major, I felt enough of a sense of accomplishment and improvement to take the dogs for a long-awaited trip to City Bark. And boy, did they play.

Back at the Dog Park!

I reckon they deserved the trip as much as I did – and they certainly had fun.

So now, it’s fulfilling my NaBloPoMo obligation while enjoying a Strongbow. I think a shower, some downtime, and then a trip uptown to Pistolette‘s for a special PizzaNight™ will do me good.


  1. Are you playing D&D 4th ed, Pathfinder, 3.5 or something else? I remember we talked about it awhile ago but can’t remember what you said.

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