Nothing is ever according to plan

This evening was loosely planned out. We (the collective we (when is ‘we’ not collective? I guess I meant extended.) – including Pistolette and hubby) have our old friends and progenitors of PizzaNight™ in town tomorrow, so I found myself with a free Friday night. And before she kills me with either her .50cal Desert Eagle or some crazy Parkour! move (I know it’s not a martial art), let me clarify: by “we have in town”, I mean “staying at Pistolette’s house”.


Free Friday night. What did I have in stock? Some light computer work and a bunch of housework I was behind on:

  • Put away clothes
  • clean fridge
  • bathe dogs?
  • sweep
  • tables in back
  • general tidying
  • bathroom cleaning
  • wash sheets
  • clean / summerize (flip the summer/winter switch) fans
  • blog (check!)
  • molly’s st. pat’s site

Well, on the way home, I decided to stop by Molly’s for a pint (or two), as I felt I deserved it. See, a project I’ve been working on, and not only a) care about, but b) think a lot of really good work has gone into, is about to get c) scrapped. I think.

And by scrapped, I think I might have to fire the client. And I REALLY don’t want to do that. I like and believe in what they do, and I think we’ve put out an excellent product for them. But, the problem is something that I think many of you know about: Design by Committee. I could give examples, but I think that The Oatmeal does it the best justice.

Aaaaaaanyways, once I got home, plans had changed. And I’m not really complaining. Really. I’m getting there.

See, I had gotten my Molly’s work done (actual work, not the two pints of Guinness I had on my way home), and before I know it, we’re off to the in-laws for dinner.

Next thing I know, I’ve had a monstrously delicious (both in size and quality) steak, amazing potatoes, ~1/2 bottle of good wine, and had some good talk and another ~1/3 bottle of mead with my father-in-law. I would say step-father-in-law, but that seems to indicate a degree of separation that to be quite honest, I don’t feel is proper.

So, I guess long story short (because it’s almost tomorrow), I didn’t get nearly as much as I wanted done, but I have a belly full of awesome, and I’m sitting in my smallclothes (DAAAAMN YOU GAME OF THRONES!) on clean sheets because Bea is great and attended to some of the items on my list when I was working on the computron for the betterment of the both of we*.

Life is good.



*Both of we is a phrase my family uses – apparently my dad/his brothers weren’t so good at talking the English, and when flummoxed by their mother for the improper usage of we/both of us/whatever, resorted to using “the both of we” x decades ago, and it’s been a bit of a family meme since then. I love it.

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  1. In old movies (30s, 40s) they often used “we” that way. I remember it being in Gone With The Wind once or twice. I think modern people have just given up on it. *sigh*

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