Greydon Square

I’m not sure where I tumbled across this artist today, but I’m guessing it was at r/atheism.

Now, I’m no all-knowing hip-hop/rap guy, but I do know what I like. Sometimes it’s Juvenile, most often Blackalicious, MC Frontalot, or mc chris. And I’m adding Greydon Square to my list:

His music hits a number of my buttons: good beats, intelligent lyrics. Plus, let’s be honest. It’s not everyday that you hear atheist hip-hop, much less atheist music in general. “Secular”, yes. Atheist, no.

He seems to handle his own business and made it easy for me to buy his music easily, in a high-quality DRM-free format. So I bought his three albums at 320kbps MP3 for ~$17 total.

I like it when people who make a good product that I want, in an easy to use format, and easy to properly acquire method. The price is nice, too.

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