The Hobbit

So, thoughts on The Hobbit beyond simply saying “SWEET MERCIFUL AMAZING CRAP”: While I haven’t seen any combinations of the other permutations ( 3-D, IMAX, Standard Frame Rate ), the 3-D High Frame Rate looked absolutely spectacular and is worth every penny of the pricier tickets. While I could see some weak spots in the… Continue reading The Hobbit

Here Comes the Sun, do do do dooo

One thing I’ve been working on at home is making it cheaper to live. We’re in the last part of a refinance (the mortgage will be going down $300/month!!), and the weather is cooling drastically – which means tracking down drafts. Winter (or, non-Summer, really) also means spending quality time in the attic, finishing the… Continue reading Here Comes the Sun, do do do dooo

This is L.A., Not LA (Part 1)

This past (extended) weekend, Bea and I along with Allen and Em headed to Los Angeles for our friend Melinda’s wedding. While I was looking forward to a little vacation and seeing Melinda, I honestly wasn’t super excited to visit L.A. I was told that I most likely wouldn’t like it. If you’ve met me,… Continue reading This is L.A., Not LA (Part 1)

So long, and thanks for all the pies

Around five o’clock this morning, Bea woke me up. “What is that noise outside?” “Sounds like a trash truck. It’s Friday, SDT picks up on Fridays.” “It smells like smoke.” “I don’t smell anything.” “It smells like smoke.” “Well dear, then go on the balcony and go look.” “OH. MY. GOD. HUBIG’S IS ON FIRE!”… Continue reading So long, and thanks for all the pies


Going to have dinner at 9 Roses, and then catch a viewing of The Avengers in all 3 Ds! Excited! So, I went through my library and whipped up a playlist of songs to represent this batch of Avengers in song name, or as close to it as I could get: Amon Amarth – Thor… Continue reading Avenge!

In the Game of Cakes, You Bake or you Die

Last night, Bea was baking what I’m sure will promise to be a wonderfully delicious chocolate Guinness cake. I was ready to go to sleep, but it still needed some somewhat-time-sensitive tending to. So, she said “If you don’t mind I’m going to catch up on watching Game of Thrones while waiting for the cake.”… Continue reading In the Game of Cakes, You Bake or you Die