The Hobbit

So, thoughts on The Hobbit beyond simply saying “SWEET MERCIFUL AMAZING CRAP”:

While I haven’t seen any combinations of the other permutations ( 3-D, IMAX, Standard Frame Rate ), the 3-D High Frame Rate looked absolutely spectacular and is worth every penny of the pricier tickets. While I could see some weak spots in the rendering/compositing/whatever here or there, I was overall blown away by the visual presentation.

And while I think +Allen Boudreaux had a legitimate gripe about some of the things that were somewhat mixed around / potentially represented, I’m a Big Picture kind of guy when it comes to adapting stories to film. And I think that the combination of exact quotes / slight story shuffles / new content was great.

And if you were worried that the movie would have the darker, more serious overtones of LotR, don’t be. We laughed. A lot. Peter Jackson and company really caught the fun and adventure of the story.

Also: Gollum. Just Gollum. Wow. The Gollum now and the Gollum then is like comparing Halo 4 to the original Halo. Jaw-dropping good.

At this rate, we’re going to have ~9 hours spread over three movies of The Hobbit in the theater, and I am absolutely thrilled.

I can’t wait to go and see it again.

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