Is there any part of me that isn’t tired?

Right now, there may be something vibrant, but I don’t know what. Today has been quite the long day after an equally long week. I got up around 8 this morning, and have been non-stop until now working on and around the house. We’re hosting a going-away party for a friend and co-worker of Bea’s… Continue reading Is there any part of me that isn’t tired?

Organizzle Fo Shizzle

If there’s any one thing (and there’s not) that’s holding us back from that “done” feeling for the house, it’s the back room. The back room, by itself (~17′ x ~34′), is just about as big as Bea’s old house and more problematic. It’s been de-junked, gutted, there’s been leaks upon leaks, the flooring has… Continue reading Organizzle Fo Shizzle