Is there any part of me that isn’t tired?

Right now, there may be something vibrant, but I don’t know what. Today has been quite the long day after an equally long week. I got up around 8 this morning, and have been non-stop until now working on and around the house. We’re hosting a going-away party for a friend and co-worker of Bea’s tomorrow, and nothing gets you into gear to get things done like having a party.

Bea’s been busy on and off with rollerderby things today, so I called in Jason as a trusty set of hands – in exchange he got some cash, a ticket to the derby game, a cold beer, a shower to save a trip back to Jefferson, and a handful of levels of Dr. Mario.

A list of, but not limited to, things accomplished today:

  • Installed and painted missing board in fence
  • Installed and painted an additional 6′ of fence
  • Spread anti-mosquito pellets and sprayed insecticide on the jungle next door
  • Finished installing baseboards
  • Patched a hole up by the ceiling
  • Cleaned! Organized!
  • Re-installed lights on back porch
  • Moved and did a prelim cleaning of the old clawfoot tub
  • Installed on the wall old iron bars for a window as a pot rack
  • Rounded up weeds
  • Cut hole in a baseboard for the dryer vent
  • Dog-escape-proofed the back fence (mostly for the neighbor’s small dogs)
  • Cleaned the trim of the ceiling of the back porch (DIRTY!)
  • Kicked ass
  • Took names
  • Drank beer (ongoing)

Bea took what should be an awesome picture of me balanced on the top of the fence spraying down the neighbor’s yard, but apparently didn’t send it to me to show you here. Maybe tomorrow.

There’s more cleanup/organizing/etc for tomorrow and some painting, but overall things are looking much better.

And the only thing I wanted to do today – to watch the new episode of Eureka (with Whil Wheaton) – didn’t happen and probably won’t. It’s ready to go, but Bea’d probably yell at me for it.

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