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If there’s any one thing (and there’s not) that’s holding us back from that “done” feeling for the house, it’s the back room. The back room, by itself (~17′ x ~34′), is just about as big as Bea’s old house and more problematic. It’s been de-junked, gutted, there’s been leaks upon leaks, the flooring has been completely replaced, and at this point I’d say we’re coming to the final leg of the race. While we’re almost there, we are /so/ tired.

There are in my opinion two final hurdles, presented in the order that I think they should be completed. The first is the trim and baseboards. They need to be painted THEN installed (we went with high gloss paint – very thick and runny). The setback is that I just am not a fan of painting, and this process takes up a lot of room. I guess if I just set it up tomorrow, we can knock the painting out tomorrow night and install them Wednesday. Then comes the install, and I guess I’m just overly paranoid about cutting sections too short.

The second part is organizing. The back room is a mess, but compared to what we inherited, it’s a goddamn neatfreaks paradise.

A mere glimpse of what we inherited (you should click through the set):

New House Inside
New House Inside

Now (without picture prep tidying):

Backroom snapshot

So, it would appear that Sears is having a pretty rad sale. I want to put in a workbench against the section of wall between the washer/dryer/sink and the bikes – supported by drawers/toolchests on the edges and a wall brace or two in the middle. Anyways, I got two sets. I was on the fence as to whether I should get a second 7 drawer, but I figured it’s the same as buying the 5 drawer at full price and getting the 7 for free, and we’d still probably put it to good use.

I can go pick them up tomorrow, so I reckon I’ll do that and just stick them somewhere else ’till they’re ready to go in. I’m really looking forward to not only getting my tools good and organized, but finding and filling in the gaps.

Hooray for organization.


  1. For organizing, adjustable wire shelving units are your friend! We use it in our basement for screens, and in the computer room for supplies and to store computer towers on. We used to have a set in our gigantic bathroom for storing odds and ends. I like them because they’re adjustable, they’re sturdy, and they can fit a lot of shit on them. Especially if it’s stuff you don’t use all the time, you can make use of that top shelf at 6′ high.

    1. We have four of those – and they do work well. In addition to cleaning and organizing, we do want to ‘church it up’ a bit – maybe we can enclose them somehow.

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