EXT2/3 on win32?

Apparently, there is an EXT2/3 driver for the win32 platform (well, NT4/2K/XP). Bout damn time, says I. And since it is a kernel mode driver, well, yay. Access across the board! Sweet. I have some FAT32 formatted partitons for my shared data, since NTFS writing using the 2.6.x linux kernel is still a bit shaky.… Continue reading EXT2/3 on win32?

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where’s belen when you need her?

tonight’s dinner consisted of three pints of guinness from Molly’s, and two orders of tater-tots from 13. next month, ill have time to ride, pushing me to eat better. tomorrow morning, my A/C will be fixed, facilitating the cooking of hot foods (pasta, chicken, etc.).

Four Down…

Between Ben, Haley, and Erin, I gave away four pieces of pizza leftovers away tonight. I still got my fill, and have three pieces left for myself, currently sitting in my fridge. Such is the spirit of PizzaNight™, at least in my opinion. Spread the love. Well, not necessarily _the_ spirit, more like a sub-spirit.… Continue reading Four Down…

World of Warcrack

Now, I’ve never played this game. Never was one who was much for RPGs. Well, there was Legend of Zelda and LoZ:A Link to the Past, but other than that, not so much. And for the record, LoZ II: The Adventure of Link sucked balls. I’m sorry. I’m a dork, geek, nerd, etc., but I’m… Continue reading World of Warcrack

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one more feather…

Wow. August is a bitch. Aug 6-7: The Wife™ is in town. Aug 13-15: Gretchen is in town ( woo! :) ) Aug 19-22: Trip to NYC. Aug 26-28: Weekend in Austin at Dave + Belen‘s. Aug 29-31: Working at/on our Houston office. All this on top of day job (well, Houston is day-job stuff)… Continue reading one more feather…

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