General Updates

1) Sorry about the backposting the other day, LJ people. My LJ crossposter borked. Thankfully, I found a new one. And while it seems to have a hard time remembering default settings, it still works/updates.

2) I re-themed the site from scratch. I really like this over the last few incarnations (but especially the last one). The actual theme only loads an image or two (the 9 “social” icons are a sprite), and I took out a lot crap that was bloating the load time ( display, twitter bar, etc.). Also, I added some printer-only styles so it should have zero bullshit if you want to convert it to the dead tree edition.

Anyways, that’s about it for now. I could add more to it, but why not carve out an extra post with that than cram it all here? It’ll help keep me more active.


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