I Could Store So Many Tools in a Tardis…

So, we’re in the middle of the “horror” episodes in mid-second season of Dr. Who. What can I say? I really like the show.

Anyways, I want to build a scaled-down Tardis for tool storage in the backyard. Maybe even run electrical to it. Here’s how it might look:


Dr. Who's Backyard


In case you didn’t know, the internet is filled with nerds. Luckily, there’s a good site or two dedicated to Tardis building. And apparently, “Tardis Blue” is Pantone 2955C. And if I do make it, I guarantee there will be blood pictures.

But if I build it, will the Doctor come? If so, which one(s)?

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  1. sure like I needed another excuse… heh

    After my test is done I think I am going to start the plans for a Dalek Duck hutch. “Exduckinate…. exduckinate!!!”

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