Breaking News – This just in: My new kilt!

My kilt count is now up to three, and each one has a purpose. My sport kilt is for running / hashing. My black utilikilt was initially for camping and post-bike-rides, but got pulled into a more formal duty for the Molly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Over the past year, I’ve been wanting to stop half-assing it, and do it properly. I decided to finally bite the bullet though, and placed an order. It came in this morning – enough time to get the jacket tailored if need be.

Well, for once, need not be.

I ordered a package from USA Kilts – basically all the things I wanted to get anyways, but with a bit of a price break. In the end, it wasn’t cheap, but I’m ok with that. The tartan I went with a Gordon Dress Modern – a tartan or a variation of it – that I have worn until threadbare for basically my entire life. I’m actually wearing something quite similar to it now.


New Tie, Old Shirt, Same Great Dress Alexander

Well, I’m very happy with not only the product, but the overall turnaround time. And the shipping! Oh, such shipping!

Anyways, here’s a quick shot of the new kilt, there’ll be more of the whole rig next Saturday after the Molly’s parade.


New Kilt


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