Abita Amber in a Can!

Finally, Abita has come around to canning. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something I really like about the Abita bottles, but here’s why I’m happy they’re canning (in no particular order):

  1. Weight. That much glass vs. that little aluminum really adds up, especially when you want to stay mobile. And let’s face it, that’s often. At 13oz, the can weighs 6oz less than the bottle – which means a 12-pack of cans weighs 4.5lbs less!
  2. Disposal. We take our glass to the Metairie Target to recycle, all other recyclables are picked up curbside by the city. So, now we can just rinse it at home and put it on the curb. And when you have to take your trash with you, just crunch it down. Easy. Quoth the Ballzack: “I don’t go to Metairie unless I really have to.
  3. The Po-Po. The Quarter/Mardi Gras/Hashing. While you can walk around with a drink throughout NOLA, you’re not supposed to in the Quarter. Let’s face it – there are a number of circumstances where a cop might take it easier on you if you don’t have glass in your hand.
  4. Wheels. Hopefully this will help with the tire hazards in the city. Now if only we could do something about all the errant nails…
  5. Shelf Life. Beer in aluminum keeps better and longer than in glass. Not that you should have to keep it for long…

I unfortunately don’t have a bottled or draught to compare it to, but it more or less tastes like good ole Abita Amber.


Abita Amber in a Can, and Bosceaux!

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