You know what else comes in twos?

Dog vomit. I’m not kidding. Almost every time I’ve cleaned up dog puke, the dog has done it twice, and usually inside a span of a minute or two.

Indy just threw up, and it was entirely bile. Every last ounce was bile, except for an almost-new Heartgard tablet:

Now, to some of you, this post is gross*. For those of you who have pets/kids or have ever gone on a whiskey bender, this is not such a gross post. It’s not like I’m actually posting dog puke photos.

Anyway, here’s the thing about this most recent puking incident: I fed him that tablet with breakfast.


And, yes, in case you were wondering, I rinsed it off, broke it in half, and fed him a piece, which he gladly inhaled. He’ll get the second half with dinner tonight.

*UPDATE* – He threw that half up, all broken up and in tiny pieces, on the rug at the front door. <sarcasm>I guess it’s a good thing I stepped on it, barefoot, before Bea came home. </sarcasm>

*I know it’s weird to dust off Ye Olde Blog with a story about dog vomit, but really. What were you expecting? It’s me.

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  1. I think dogs have a “second stomach” used only for things like pills, medicines and any other items that they may want to regurgitate later. That way they can either hide the item in a plant or behind the sofa, or show their displeasure without losing vital nutrition and yumminess from the part that they liked.

    That’s my theory. I’ve never gotten a straight answer from my dogs, they just kind of look away when I ask them.

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