I got framed for $1,500

For this past Christmas, my mother-in-law got me this completely awesome set of Ninja Star Wars prints:

I talked to a friend who works at Lemieux Galleries about getting them framed for trade in computer work. After meeting up (and agreeing how incredibly cool these prints are), I picked out a matte and frame. Each print is 11.25″ x 27″, and 18″ x 34″ after the framing – they’re not exactly small.

Well, I finally got around to hanging them. The unexpected hard parts of hanging them though, was deciding the order. I settled on chronological order of appearance, according to the original trilogy. I did it from memory, and used an ever-excellent and accurate xkcd comic as a reference. The only thing I’m not exactly sure about is whether we see Admiral Ackbar or the Emperor (and no, his hologram doesn’t count) first – and that can be quickly (and funly!) solved by popping in the DVD.

The only thing I debated to myself about was the Luke poster. I wasn’t sure if the white robes depicted his time on the ice planet Hoth, or a more metaphorical representation of him as a sort of “white knight”. I went for the more literal Hoth interpretation because a) I think it’s the correct one, and b) that would give me a solid reference on the timeline.

Ninja Star Wars - Luke

Well, and I think we can all agree the set looks awesome:

Ninja Star Wars - Hallway

I think each one ran me about $250 each, but that works out to 30 hours at $50 an hour. I get sweet custom frames, they get working computers. Everyone wins.

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